Micro credits can playa significant role in supplying necessary funds for employment of rural women, supporting small rural industries, creating new job opportunities and preventing rural migration. This research tries to asses the effects of micro credits which is paid to rural women of Zanjan province. The study applies descriptive survey research. The questionnaire and interview techniques are used for data collection in this study. The statistical population consists of rural women that have got micro credit from
Agricultural Bank of Iran during the past 5 years in province of
Zanjan, Iran (N=61). The results of the study show that women use the credits for the purpose of animal production, horticulture, farming, the costs of their children's education, buying furniture, food stuffs, clothes, medicine and hand made industry. The paid credits have the most impact and strong motivation on women regarding their abilities,
increasing life management skills, increasing their se1f- confidences and inform rural women about their potential abilities and improving status of women in family.