Instructions for submitting an article to the Quarterly Journal of Women in Development and Politics


Dear author (s), at the time of submitting the article, in order to conduct arbitration, complete the author (s) commitment form and the conflict of interest form with the same names (conflict of interest form and the author commitment form). It should be noted that the article will not be reviewed without sending the following forms. Please sign the commitment form by all members.


To view and complete the authors' commitment form, download and complete it here.

To view and complete the conflict of interest form, download and complete it here.


1- It is a research article on women's issues with a gender perspective and has not been published in other publications in the country and abroad.

2- The article is in Chinese characters and has a minimum of 16 pages and a maximum of 20 A4 pages, in accordance with the publication format and in the 2003 Word environment. The margin should be 3 cm on each side and 3.5 from the bottom

3- The pagination and arrangement of the article should be as follows: Font type: B Nazanin; Font size: Abstract 11 and text 13 and how to refer sources within the text by APA method.

4- At the end of the article, the alphabetical list of Persian and English sources used should be presented separately as follows:

* Book: surname, name (year of publication), title of the book, volume number, (name and surname of the translator), printing number, place of publication: Publications.

* Article: surname, name (year of publication) "title of the article", name of the publication, number, pages.

* Thesis: Surname, name (year of publication) thesis title, master / doctoral dissertation, field, faculty, university.

* Report: Name of the organization (year of publication) "Name of the report".

* Content on the Internet: Last name, first name (date of receipt): Full site address.

5- At the beginning of the article, Persian abstract between (150-150 words) and English abstract (between 300-250 words) should be given, in which a summary of the subject of the article, research method and the most important conclusion along with keywords Be.

6- After the abstract, the introduction sections, including problem design, theoretical framework, research method, research findings and conclusions related to the theoretical framework and research problem solving in research articles are essential. If the article does not have the above items, it will not be accepted in the judging stage.

7- The prose of the article and the eloquence of the writing are among the important criteria for judging the article.

8- Latin equivalents of important names and concepts should be given in the footer of each page.

9- The publication of the article in the quarterly is subject to the approval of the judges and the quarterly is free to edit the content.

10- If the article is submitted to another publication, its follow-up in this quarterly will be stopped.

11- The presence of a faculty member in the authors section of this journal is mandatory.

12- The cost of printing the accepted articles is 4,500,000 Rials, of which 1,000,000 Rials includes the initial review fee that will be received when the article is received, and the rest will be received at the time of acceptance.

13- The author (s) is responsible for the content of the articles.


Note: If your article has a sponsor or research credit provider, it is mandatory to mention the information on the front page, after the authors' emails (in Persian and English), in the footnotes. Also, if the article is taken from a research project or dissertation or dissertation, it should be mentioned in (Persian and English) in the footnote and in the authors' file.