This study is focused on domestic violence and in particular spousal murder, which takes into consideration different cultural-social, economic-political characteristics of the provinces of the country. This article presents the finding of Sistan and Baluchestan province. The phenomenon of violence, social and domestic, in Sistan and Baluchestan, given its unique geographic situation, tribal way of life, traditional culture and the entreme poverty, has a high occurrence. At the same time, spousal murder is lower as compared to the high incidence of violence in other provinces of Iran. Violence against women is a deep rooted social problem, directly related to the patriarchal system, which dominates social and familial life. The result of the research reinforces the relation between violence and the education level of husbands, the history of domestic violence, and addiction. The women of this province, despite their dissatisfaction with married life, continue to remain in abusive relationships with their husbands. Economic dependence, the fear of losing their children and traditional cultural and social norms. Additionally, many of these abused women, because of fear of reprisal, endemic of patriarchal systems, refuse to press charges with police forces and courts.