The aim of the present research is to study the social origin of women's mental disorder, particularly depression. A survey was conducted
using questionnaires of casual-descriptive basis of "Social production of vulnerability/ stress" among women (20-60 years of age) in Tehran. The research findings indicate that women's depression has been influenced by complex network of numerous interrelated factors/causes. Mental stress of women has a social origin that is closely and extensively linked to social structures and systems. Unequal access to valuable resources within the family, gender-based work division, types of power relations in the family, along with social-economic status-related variables of women's background have important roles in creating mental stress. The process of women's socialization determined by ascribed gender roles of womanhood (e.g. having mental stress and lacking self determination among women) tend to make them more vulnerable to mental disorder, particularly depression. Feeling socially alienated and having cognitive duality are also among meaningful and critical social factors causing women's depression.