This article aims to present the findings of an epidemiological study on the prevalence and variety of personality disorders, including Schizophrenia, Schizoid and Paranoid personality disorders among female students. The Millon-2 Questionnaire, with high validity and reliability in Iran is applied to study the female students in all three grades of high school, in five education districts of Isfahan. The results of the research point to the fact that prevalence of serious personality disorders among girls in schools is more than 17 percent. Among the group with serious personality disorders, 4.4% suffered from paranoid, 23% from Schizophrenic and 3% suffered from Schizoid personality disorders. The second group at 36% of the female students studied, includes those students with great potential for developing serious personality disorders, who given the right environment have a high chance of developing some type of personality disorder. Among this group 3.9% demonstrated a likelihood of developing paranoid personality disorders, 1.23 Schizophrenic and 1.15% Schizoid Personality Disorders.