To explain the differences between the familial roles in men and women, this article has tried to analyze the perception of employed individuals, both men and women, towards their familial duties, their performance, as well as the possible gap between percieved and performed roles.
The study is based on a survey. The sample population of the research constitutes employed married men and women residing in Tehran. The sample is selected from research centers of state university and industrial centers in the city of Tehran. The research shows that: a) the division of labor in housework is based on gender roles, b) the attitude of men and women about their duties and their roles in the family differs consequently, c) The gap between perceived and performed roles is greater for women than for men.
It is also possible to conclude from the research that men are in charge of decision making and the financial matters in the family while it is expected for women to stay at home to take care of children; But as the children grow up the role of men with regards to children is increased.