Fashion is an aspect of Tehran's (and Iran) modernity which represents itself in various forms and is thus changing rapidly. This study aims to illustrate various forms of fashion (women's clothing and hair coverings) in Tehran by means of photos and statements. In this survey 2 main questions are answered: "what are different forms of fashion?", which factors control the development and spread of fashion and how is fashion formed ?”. This survey is a case study and the samples are selected from shopping centers related to fashion. In this research in addition to recording different forms of fashion, interviews are conducted with those involved in fashion using a questionnaire. Different kinds of clothing and hair covering, from the simplest forms to the most up to date fashion, are thus categorized. In addition, using Zimel theory, the development and spread of fashion in the society is discussed, mainly focusing on three factors including fashion consumers, fashion distributors and society. It is concluded that, although development and spread of fashion is affected by global society and distributors, the main interacting factor is the consumers that while accepting it, make changes especially in its usage and meaning