Nowadays, new developments in the realm of criminological studies have considerably aroused social science criminal researcher’s attention toward the other involved side, which are the very victims of such crimes. Considering this, researchers have attempted to investigate, through victim-oriented approaches, the ruling condition of crime creation so that they might take sufficient measures to prevent the crimes or reduce and alleviate their consequences.
This paper which is based on qualitative research aims to analyze the grounds for crimes committed against women according to their accounts.
This is done by means of qualitative reasearch methods and performed interviews with 65 women with the age ranging from 19 to 60.
The findings of this paper suggest that the interviewed women consider the following factors as the reasons underlying the crimes committed against them which include women’s carelessness, type of daily activities, behavior and dress code, violence in the private and public environments, familial disorder and lack of sociability, inconsistent self-defense trainings, urban environment disfiguration, existence of hidden crime-causing locations such as under passes and dark places, social and economical issues like unemployment and poverty along with women’s physiological features.