The way people spend their leisure is a reflection of social, economic, and cultural capital in any given society. The present research studies the influence of cultural capital on leisure using survey method. Instrument used to collect data has been: questionnaire. The statistical population constitutes all women living in the city of Juybar aged 15-64. Based on the results of the latest census of Statistical Center of Iran, 1385, total women’s population in Juybar was 25325. Using multistage cluster sampling, a sample size of 378 was chosen based on the formula of Cochran. The results show that the average women’s participation in active leisure (1.91 out of 4) is more than women’s participation in passive leisure (1.3 out of 4). Women's participation in leisure activities in this study’s population is lower than average. Multivariate linear regression results show that out of the three dimensions of cultural capital, two dimensions (objective structured and institutionalized cultural capital) have a significant effect on leisure.