The present research aims to compare the impact of group consultation on the basis of two approaches of reality therapy and feminism over the identity changes of householder women. Statistical society has been the whole community of householder women who receive support from Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in fifth District of Tehran, which was randomly selected. Research tool has been Indigenous Crisis Questionnaire (ICQ). 42 women out of 80 householder ones were selected randomly through matching up their identity and were divided into three groups. 14 women were placed in experiment group with reality therapy approach. 14 ones in experiment group with feminist approach (1 loss was witnessed) and 14 of them were placed in control group. 9 consultation meetings were held for reality therapy group, and 10 for feminist group. The data of both groups were collected and Sceffe post hoc analysis of variance test was performed to evaluate the impact of group consultation on both groups and the result was analyzed. As a result both consultation meetings- reality therapy and feminist- had impacts on alteration of householder women’s identity without any significant differences between impacts on the two groups.