In recent years sustainable development has been one of the concerns of man. To address this concern farming sustainable development will be one of the most important issues which must be dealt with. It seems that one of the necessary elements to further this goal is to have a serious look at indigenous knowledge of farming and particularly women’s knowledge. Women and above all nomad women have admirable indigenous knowledge of farming: dairy farming, and dairy products which is worth of being registered and preserved because it can be practiced to provide food and sustainable development as humanitarian development.
This qualitative study was conducted to detect and document the indigenous knowledge of migrant women of Kalhor tribe about dairy farming. Geographical area was Gilan-e-Gharb Township, Kermanshah province. Focus Groups technique was employed to collect data. Purposive sampling was used and the collected data was analyzed through content analysis. The results show that nomad women have impressive knowledge of farm animal nourishment, veterinary, producing dairy and non dairy products returnable to the nature and by learning this knowledge we can have a step forward to sustainable farming.