Anxiety of sports is one of the variables which is closely related to sports performance and happens in sports competitions. Considering the negative effects of competitive anxiety on performance of athletes this study tries to compare competitive anxiety of amateur or professional female futsal players and its connection with self confidence and sports performance. The statistical population of this study was 77 university students who were futsal players participating in academic tournaments. 56 of them were randomly placed in amateur group and 21 students were purposively placed in professional group. To assess the level of competitive anxiety of samples, a questionnaire of competitive-state anxiety (CSAI-2) was used. Three subscales of the questionnaire, subjective anxiety, somatic anxiety and self-confidence are assessed by a Likert scale value. In order to analyze the data after Calmograph Smirnoff test, a “t” test and Pearson correlation coefficient were used. The results of the study showed that there are significant differences between competitive anxiety (physical and mental symptoms, and self-confidence) of academic and club futsal players. A direct relationship was also found between competitive anxiety and performance in female futsal players.