Empowering rural women is one of the third millennium goals. To this end it was proposed to allot micro credits to rural women in order to provide the required capital to launch productive careers. Now after a decade from the establishment of micro credit funds in Iran, only few researches have been done to give a rank to them. The present research is conducted through survey method to rank micro credit funds based on empowering rural women of Kermanshah using Bartlett table and systematic random sampling for which 183 women members of this fund were selected. The ranking results show that from economic aspect: Fash (Kangavar), Tamarg, Pariveh (Mersin) have achieved the places first to third, in terms of empowering women goals. From social aspect: Fash, Pariveh and Gheitas Abad were placed first to third. From family aspect: members of Fash Fund, Pariveh, and Kooseh vand were ranked first to third. According to the results, since the authorities of the funds can play a key role in the success of funds it is recommended to the Office for Rural Women’s Affairs that the authorities of funds are selected based on the votes of the members and criteria like: education, age, etc.