Violence against women especially partner violence involves 1/3 of women worldwide. This research is performed with an analytic cross sectional design and its’ purpose is to determine the prevalence of intimate partner violence among married women in medical science catchments area ( Tehran University) during the year of 2001. 348 married women were selected from 6 Health Centers by multi-stage sampling. They were assisted by health care workers for filling the questionnaires.
Prevalence rate of the violence against wife was 41.7% in this study which is comparable with western countries especially United States. The most frequent reports of violence included: negligence 61%, contempt 37% and lewdness 30%.
For controlling the confounders logistic regression analysis was done and after excluding of confounders four factors were significantly associated with wife abuse: (1) history of mothers striking by father, (2) history of mothers contempt by father,(3) criminal history of husbands and history of psychological disorder in women.