Sociology as the science interested in human relations has been critisized for ignoring women's issues .Evidences on male dominated social science, along with marginalization of women as sociologists and population to be studied from their own perspectives, can be provided on different grounds. The present article takes a critical approach to study women's position in the scientific journals of sociology in Iran. Journals of University of Tehran, Allameh Tabatabae University, and Association of Sociology have been reviewed . The findings show two levels of decision making:
1) Higher level of decision –making with more authority on selecting articles for publication and policies of the journal, e.g. editorial board or scientific committees.
2) Lower level of decision –making with consultative positions such as reviewers of the articles.

Women are mostly absents in higher level of decision making . However, they have been asked to review some articles based on their specialty areas. The journal of "Women's Research" is the exception.