The purpose of this research is to study the relationship between social and cultural traits of female students and their tendency toward emigration. The research method used in data collection and data analysis is social survey. The survey consists of 508 female students studying at M.A. and PhD level in Shiraz and Ferdowsi University. The theoretical framework on which the study is based on is location-specific capital formulated by Da Vanzo.
Descriptive statistics show that M.A. students constitute 89.5% of the sample while 10.5% are PhD students. In addition single students make up 70.5% of the sample whereas married students only take up 29/5% of the total. Inferential statistic illustrate that amongst social and cultural variables, the university of study, rate of using mass media, attitude towards status of science in Iran, attitude towards status of educated women in Iran, sense of belonging to homeland and the four dimensions of religiosity have a significant relationship with the dependant variable which is emigration.
Multi-variable regression analysis also confirm that there's a significant relationship between tendency towards emigration of intellectual female students and independent variables including sense of belonging to one's homeland, consequential dimension of religiousness, and attitude towards status of science in Iran. In general, these variables predict 56% of tendency to international migration of students.