Female competence to judge is a controversial matter amongst interpreters and the religious jurisprudence (Foghaha), to the effect that some scholars by virtue of Holy Koran and sayings of the Immaculate claim that women have no competency to judge.
Having a comprehensive analysis of the references made by opponents of female judgment including those made to Holy Koran and sayings of the Immaculate (Massomin (ع)) this article attempts to reject such claims.
Nowadays, the frame and shape of judgment has changed, and the matter of gender is ineffective in rendering it. However, close analysis of the verses of the Holy Koran and the tradition of the Immaculate (Maasomin (ع) does not reveal that this responsibility is handed over only to men and the female gender is negated, thus the idea claiming that female judgment is negated in Holy Koran is rejected.