The present article's focus is mainly on the qualitative analysis of women's representation in Iranian national TV series. Thus, three series, "if my dad was alive!", "the ninth month gazelle " and the satire genre "homeless" produced by channel 1 and 3 in the second half of 2004 have been addressed through qualitative method.
The analysis of these cases focused on the concept of the deserving presence of women in the series' plot. To this aim, the views of Islamic thinkers as well as the television's agendas and purposes in 2004 have been examined. The authors conclude that the qualitative presence of women in the series is not consistent with the agendas and purposes although the quantity of the presence is reasonable. In reality, a significant rupture between Islamic Iranian policy-makings and the productions of the Iranian TV has resulted in the ineffectiveness of this organization in exercising its gender policy.