Many poets have somewhat dealt with the concept of feminity in their poems, and some only have alluded to it. Their attitude and their viewpoint towards woman is influenced by the popular viewpoint dominating their society as well as their own personal experiences. Marouf Abdolqani Rasafi discussed nearly all aspects of women's social problems. He was aware of such problems and tried his best to liberate the female gender from the dominant restrictions, but the restrictions hindered him in moving away from society's discourse. In his poems lies a great soul which is reinforced by Islam. This type of poem is mainly based on the feelings and sympathy that are bestowed upon the poet's soul. According to Rasafi poems, he is a Muslim who under the influence of western culture deviates from Islamic culture but ultimately returns to the dominant and deeply rooted Islamic culture. This reminds the famous proverb: Such is the tree, such is the fruit.