This article is aimed at investigating the Cultural-artistic exchange and its influence on female costumes in the most critical part of the history; that is during the formation of the Parthian Kingdom in the great Achaemenid’s realm after the invasion of foreigners such as Alexandra and the Greek. This paper also examines the causes that have lead to transformations in the type of woman's clothing during the Parthian history. The dissemination of Hellenism in East especially Iran led to great changes in various fields such as economics, religion, culture, art and etc. Therefore it is significant to understand the extent to which the new culture has penetrated into the ancient Persian civilization. In this article different types of women's clothing are analyzed in Iranian and Greek civilization. The details of each piece of clothing are delineated and the similarities and differences are compared and contrasted. The article also analyzes the extent to which the two civilizations have mutually influenced each other. The method of research is documental analysis and the results reveal that the culture of Iranian and Greek clothing have significant and deeply rooted relationship with each other which is mainly due to various wars between the two civilizations and the influence of counter factors in artistic style of each civilization thus the type of tailoring and styles of ornament are mutually influenced by each other.