Since social awareness of laws can help restore people’s rights and develop their personality and the mass media play a key role in socialization and apprising people of their own rights, the present study aims to assess the awareness of women of their rights in their families and to examine the theory of awareness gap. The study was conducted by three methods: Documentary, survey, and qualitative. Statistical society included all female students at the University of Isfahan and the statistical sample size was 384 students who were selected by quota and assessed by questionnaires. The data were analyzed through SPSS and the results indicate that there is no significant relationship between students’ use of written media and their legal awareness. Therefore the theory of awareness gap based on the reason that ‘people who have higher social-economic position are more aware of their rights because they use written media more than those who have lower social-economic position’ was rejected. In general girl students’ awareness of their legal rights in the family was not considerable.