Attachment of children to their parents and their separation are two important growth processes which are summoned up in teens again and become more important. The present research tends to find out either the processes of attachment and separation among girls and boys take place in different ways or gender can affect the relationship between these two processes. To this end 300 students of the University of Isfahan were randomly selected and divided into two groups of 150 who answered the questionnaire of teen separation and attachment to their parents and peers. The results of independent “t” analysis show that two groups of boys and girls are different in terms of their attachment to their parents and their separation. Also a significant relationship between attachment of children to the parents and their separation in both groups was confirmed. The results of the analysis of subgroup (Z Ficsher) didn’t certify the regulating role of gender between attachment and separation. The above results made it clear that the process of separation for boys and girls is different. It was also revealed that girls are less confident of their parents support and availability. This may lead in formation of unsafe attachment styles and then block the successful process of separation and individualization among girls.