This study examines the factors influencing women’s quest of divorce in Tehran. The research framework is based on the theory of order (within the family), social capital theory, and matching partnership. Research method was survey and the instrument of the study was questionnaires. 239 seeking divorce women and the same number of non-seeking divorce women were given the questionnaires. They were selected from different parts of Tehran, north, south, west and east. The findings reveal that in terms of social order, couple’s funds, matching partnership, there is a significant difference between the two groups which could be among the factors women in Tehran tend to divorce. Logistic regression results show that the probability for the divorce not to happen for those couples who enjoy within family order, partnership capital and negative point of view towards divorce and matching partnership, is 59 per cent. On the other hand it is 41 percent possible for the couples to have the above mentioned conditions and still divorce.