Feeling secure is a prerequisite of any social, economic, cultural and political development and it is directly related to the level of development of the society. Being aware of the situation of security feelings of society members plays a key role in recognizing the challenges and development strategies of society and can strengthen the infrastructures of the society. The present study aims to evaluate the rate of security feeling among men and women of Yazd by comparison. Survey method was used as the research approach through the questionnaire instrument and proportional cluster sampling, sized 246 people residing in Yazd. Feeling socially secure was evaluated separately among men and women in 12 different aspects: life, financial, Economic, job, moral, cultural, emotional, feeing, intellectual, legal, judicial, and honor security. The findings reveal that life security feeling among women is significantly less than men’s in Yazd, while economic security feeling is more among men compared to women. In other aspects feeling socially secure is not very different between men and women.