Document Type : Practical article


1 Associate professor- Faculty of entrepreneurship- University of Tehran

2 Master of entrepreneurship management- University of Tehran


Introduction/literature review/objectives: one of the influencing factors in entrepreneurship is
entrepreneurs' motivations. Some studieshave shown that men and women become
entrepreneurs with different motivations. However, entrepreneurs' motivations in the industry
sector, especially consideringthe sex factor, have been less studied. This study aims to
identify similarities and differences in women and men entrepreneurs' motivations usinga mix
method research in a sample of entrepreneurs in the industry sector atthe Golestan province
Methodology: this is a mix method of qualitative exploratory research in order to identify
entrepreneurs' motivations. Data was gathered by deep interviews with 20 entrepreneurs.
Then, a quantitative descriptive study was undertakenin order to compare and prioritize
women and men entrepreneurs' motivations based on data gatheredthrougha predefined
Results/discussion/analysis: the results of the qualitative study showed that entrepreneurs'
motivations in the industry sector are earning money, creating jobs, opportunity exploitation,
helping the society, proving competencies, internal satisfaction, and independence. The
results also showedthat there is asignificant difference between women and men
entrepreneurs for two motivations of "proving competencies" and "earning money".
Conclusion: These results help policy makers to further focus on the development of women's
entrepreneurship in Iran.