Document Type : Pazhoheshi- Karbordi


1 Member of Faculty, Political Science, Isfahan University

2 Political Science, PhD Student in Isfahan University


Political participation can be considered as one of the indices in social and political development in different countries. Women, who are commonly included in a society, can have essential roles to control a community and its political, social and cultural developments as well. Therefore investigating women's political behavior is especially important to political and dynamical stabilities. The objective of the present paper has been to study the relation between political culture and female students' political deportments in Isfahan. The method used to collect and analyze data is geodesic. The research was done by participating 384 Isfahani female students. The results showed a significant relationship among political culture dimensions (such as cognitive biases; emotional and evaluation biases), political behavior dimensions (voting and political activities during election) and non-election political activities (communicate with authorities, complaining and being a member in political groups).