Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor of social science, university of Tehran

2 Master of women`s studies


This research is related to power conception and aims to investigate factors affecting
women`s decision-making power in families. To do this, the Resources theory has been relied
on in this research. Based on the Resources theory, occupation, education, income, job status
and property are the factors related to women`s decision-making power in families. In this
investigation, data was collected through the survey method and questionnairemethod.The
samples were 350 jobless and employed married women in Babolwhich was taken by the
multi-stage cluster sampling. The results showedthat women`s power is generally high in
families and some variables such as job, educationand assetare the factors increasing
women`s power. However, there is no relationship between income and job status and
women`s power in families.