Document Type : Practical article


1 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Shahed University, Iran (corresponding author)

2 Master Science in Sociology, University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran


Physical attractiveness has set new standards, so that the management body in general and cosmetic surgery in particular become increasingly important; such as a range of different behaviors, health, body building, diet, and different types of surgery include. This study examined the meanings of mental patients for cosmetic surgery in Tehran. Participants in this study comprised 26 female patients. The grounded theory is a qualitative research approach and data collection techniques are made use of in-depth interviews. The data suggest a model paradigm made to promote itself as causal conditions, context and enhance the socialization process as involving mental space as conditions are influenced. Participants included in the above circumstances, the decision to reflective strategy, which thus arises as a result of its social acceptance.


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