Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, University of Mazandaran, Mazandaran, Iran (corresponding author)

2 M.A in Sociology, University of Mazandaran, Mazandaran, Iran


The present study aims to describe the rate of premarital skills among daughters of Martyrs and Veterans in Mazandaran Province, as well as to identify the impact of parents’ marital skills on their girls’ skills. The universe of the study is all of single, older than 15 years old girls whose fathers were martyr or veteran. 366 young girls have been selected as a sample of the study via two-steps proportional random sampling method. Descriptive results indicate that rate of premarital skills is less than expected level (9.4 out of 20 score). However, these girls were more skilled in communication and anger control skills, as well as problem solving than marriage expectation and fertility skills. On the basis of regression analysis, rate of premarital skills among young girls can be predicted significantly (R2= 0.45), by independent variables, such as receiving direct education on marital life from parents, being younger girl, having higher education level, having richer fathers financially, and observing less negative behaviors of their fathers at home. These findings imply on necessity of invest on the teaching of premarital skills to young girls, especially in order to regulating their marriage expectation and increasing fertility knowledge.


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