Document Type : Practical article


1 Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, University of Kurdistan, Iran

2 Postgraduate Alumnus of Sociology, Sociology Department, University of Kurdistan, Iran


Cosmestic surgery has been become one of the common forms of the regular management of body in today's world. With an exploratory and analytical description of constructed meanings of cosmetic surgery, this research tends to find out why Sanandejian’s women have cosmetic surgery and what this context and implication, functions, and consequences act have had. According to the nature of the subject and reaching deeper layers of mind, grounded theory, among qualitative methods, was chosen. In this study, data were collected through semi-structured interviews and grounded theory is used to analyze the data. Using theoretical and purposive sampling, 27 women were interviewed. Results show that women tend to have cosmetic surgery in order to react against change of norms beauty, making beauty erotic, annoying of life every day, and the proliferation of a negative image of their body. In this process, popularizing beauty and development of surgical science function as a facilitating context and national and foreign media function as a confounding condition. Performing their strategies, women appreciate and experience cosmetic surgeries just as the media, as a tool to facilitate the social achievement, expressing themselves and power and individual choice of being acquired beauty. Beauty obsession, health risks, impaired life and the social isolation are viewed as the effects of cosmetic surgery by women.


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