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1 Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Yazd

2 Masters student of political science, University of Yazd


In the contemporary political philosophy was presented the various resolutions for release of female from repression and inequality. For example, the feminists of the post-structuralisms Foucault speak about the permanent refusal of female in opposition. The feminists of the post-modernists Baudrillard defend from the acute of male matter for depletion of the central cause. The feminists of post-colonialists such as Spivak support from Deconsturction of Logoscenterism that is govern on mail discourse. The feminist of contemporarys libral such as Suzan Okin also defend based on the principle of its fundamental of the female’s rights. The Jolia Kristeva thinker moving in the border between modernism and postmodernism, presented the particularly solution for female subjectivity which consists of formative suggestions for our society in modern era. According to this article, two main questions were discussed: 1. What is the resolution of Kristeva for releasing the female subject from the repression and inequality? 2. What is the practical and theoretical results for our society in modern era? It is supposed that the idea of feminine genius can be a good solution for suppression and removing the female subject in public sphere. Since, the idea open a way entrance of Semiotic matter of female to symbolic matter of male. It means that genius caused that the subject of female talker can participate in the logical social political of male actively and disorder that from heart. One of the possible resolutions for battle to in inequality is the activity participation of women in cultural weave of society. The social-political participation of Iranian women is not ignoring the family and maternal role and women values. The women identity could perform balance in Iranian society. In this research grounded hermeneutics method and framework of inner logic were used.


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