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Qualitative study of the influencing factors in the participation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in realizing social support for vulnerable families: Tehran city

Today, the social development of countries depends on the participation of non-governmental organizations in realizing the rights of groups and people left in society. Considering that social support for vulnerable families is related to the responsibility and accountability of all members of the society on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is related to the rights of individuals in the society. Therefore, in this research, a qualitative study of the factors affecting the participation of community members in the realization of social support for families at risk of damage is done. The current research method is qualitative with interview technique. For this purpose, 20 women active in the field of women's society were selected by purposeful sampling among 50 women active in this field who are based in Tehran, and a semi-structured interview was conducted with the CEO or board member of 10 women. The results show that both external and internal factors have been effective on the participation of Semans in social support for families in harm's way. Therefore, according to these effective factors, the participation of cements is defined from an active participation to a passive participation, and in between, there will be semi-active, semi-passive, etc.

The social development of societies is a concept that has attracted the attention of theorists in recent decades. After the 1980s, studies showed that economic development cannot lead to balanced social development. From this point of view, the social dimensions of development and the intellectual and spiritual needs of man, along with his social presence in various cultural, social and economic fields, were considered important from the point of view of social policy makers. Based on this, one of the key indicators of development, the amount of people's active participation in the field of non-governmental organizations, was chosen in order to help achieve development and fill the deficiencies caused by underdevelopment (Abrahimabadi, 2019). Therefore, the reduction of the role of governments and their inability to solve various social, economic and political issues has interpreted the semans as the demanding forces of the society (Moggi, 2013). Therefore, during the past decades, governments have recognized the role of cement in improving the capacities of the society in order to participate in the development process. Also, the belief was strengthened that the cooperation between the government and Semans together makes possible more success in the path of development.From this point of view, the purpose of empowering Semans is to create a large and diverse community of these organizations that can strengthen sustainable development. According to the analyzed texts, fertilizers can be effective in sustainable development in four areas:

- They can act as a suitable substitute for governments in providing services and priorities such as family planning, child protection, development of small partnerships, environment, tourism, etc.

- Fertilizers are considered to strengthen civil society.

- Semans are a source of innovation, experience and testing new approaches in the path of realizing development.

- Semans play an important role in expressing the political expectations of the society to the government (Yasuri, 2018).

Thus, Semans entered the literature of civil society and were recognized by international forums.

From a social point of view, Semans play an important role in promoting public awareness, developing and empowering human resources, and introducing the role of women in realizing sustainable development and civil society (Abdollahi, 2015). Therefore, one of the most important characteristics of family members is their supervisory role and demanding family rights.These organizations can play an effective role in social services by giving feedback on their demands and expressing criticisms to improve the existing situation in the society. In order to improve the quality of life of all people in the society (Farahmand, 2015). In order to comprehensively improve the quality of the society, it is necessary to pay attention to the rights of all people, both men and women, and get the support of the Semans in realizing social services and reducing discrimination against them in this matter. Based on the analyzed documents, one of the main duties of family members is to attract the attention of different strata to the issues and demands of the family and realize social support for it at the national and international levels.


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