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The Position of Women in Khawaja Nizam al-Molk's Siyasatnameh Based on Critical Discourse Analysis Theory

mansoureh shahriyari; Gholamreza Jamshidiha; Akram joudy

Volume 18, Issue 4 , January 2021, , Pages 579-599


  Women have been more or less influential in the history of human civilization in various ways, politically, socially, or positively or negatively. One of the most prominent and influential works in which women can be found is Khawaja Nizam al-Molk's policy paper, which reflects the ideas of the most ...  Read More

Analysis of the Gender Narrative of Separation

Somayeh Arab Khorasani

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, , Pages 81-104


  Gender narrative analysis of divorce is resulted from the investigation about the issue of a triple point including narration of individuals who wants to get married, structure of gender and the institution of family. Consequently, this triple points show the place and the influence of the structure ...  Read More

Problems of social interactions of women head of household (Qualitative study amongst Shahin-Shahr women)

Hossein Afrasiabi; Sanaz Jahangiri

Volume 14, Issue 4 , January 2017, , Pages 431-450


  The current study aims to explore problem of everyday social interactions amongst women head of household in Shahin-Shahr. The research was done based on qualitative approach using grounded theory method for data collection and analysis. The purposeful and theoretical sampling method was used for selection ...  Read More

Audience and television programs: women readings of television commercials

Mehri Bahar; Ali haji mohammadi

Volume 9, Issue 4 , March 2012, , Pages 43-72

  Portraying women in the media is one of the main social and cultural issues especially on television. Television commercials as a genre have ideas about goods and services, but it constructs a secondary discourse about society, culture and gender roles along the way. The main goal of this paper is to ...  Read More

Woman Symbolism in Mystical Literature
Volume 7, Issue 1 , May 2009

  Mystical literature provides a vast field of symbolism for the knowledgeable reader. Symbol has a bilinear quality. Mystical symbols are bilaterally both heavenly and earthly. The term "woman" has been studied symbolically in Persian literature.The present article is an attempt to discuss different ...  Read More

"Woman from" Rassafi's Point of View
Volume 7, Issue 1 , May 2009

  Many poets have somewhat dealt with the concept of feminity in their poems, and some only have alluded to it. Their attitude and their viewpoint towards woman is influenced by the popular viewpoint dominating their society as well as their own personal experiences. Marouf Abdolqani Rasafi discussed nearly ...  Read More

Violence Against Women in Dolatabadi's
Volume 7, Issue 1 , May 2009

  Fable literature is one of the bases in which sexual stereotypes are reproduced. Like all other scientific fields, it continuously delineates a repetitive image of women. Therefore, this article aims to study how literary texts reflect sexual discrimination in a specific culture and how they deal with ...  Read More

Gender and Power in "Siyasatnameh
Volume 6, Issue 3 , December 2008

  The victory of Tugrul in Dandanghan (431 HQ/1073 AD) heralded the rule of Seljuks in Persia. The pinnacle of this period could be said to have been the ten years reign of Alp Arsalan (455-65/1063-73) and twenty years reign of his son Malekshah (465-85/1063-73). These thirty years of continuous rule by ...  Read More

Mental and Physical Characteristics of Women and Their Role in Romantic Relationships
Volume 5, Issue 2 , November 2007

  Many poets have dealt with and referred to the subject of woman. Their attitude towards woman is affected by public perspective and their personal experiences. Having looked at descriptions related to relationship of man and woman in Ahmad Shamloo's and Nezami Ganjavi's poetry, this paper attempts to ...  Read More

Volume 2, Issue 2 , June 2003

  The aim of the present article is to report the findings of a study on the condition of divorce that is Osre-o-Hara}. Woman can request divorce for the hardships in her married life (Osre-o-Hara}). When the life is impossible to continue and women can not tolerate anymore, she has the right to ask for ...  Read More