: Considering the status of women's employment in Iran and given their untapped potential as a labor force, facilitating their access to the labor market, can pave the way for increased social benefits. Therefore identifying the factors that promote greater participation of women in the economic and social sectors is of the utmost importance. Perhaps the most effective factor in promoting women's labor force participation is their level of education. Educated women demonstrate a greater willingness to put their skills to use in the labor market. Attracting educated and skilled women to the labor market requires greater investment. In an effort to identifying the impact of each of the variables in attracting educated women to the labor market, this study utilizes a econometric model. Variables in this analysis include women's share in the employed labor force, the birthrate, share of girls registered in middle school, gross domestic product per capita, the share of employed women in the labor force with higher education, and the relation of the level of investment to the level of gross domestic product. The results for the period 1345-1380 (1966-2001) using the OLS methodology, demonstrates that increase in education levels increase women's opportunities in employment. Also the increase in the gross domestic product and in the amount of investment increase women's share in the labor force.