In Iran, entrepreneurship is a new phenomena and the research in this subject especially on women entrepreneurship is very limited. In spite of the fact that most of the Iranian women cooperate in economic, social aspects and especially in higher education, the society is not rewarding their contribution and efforts in economic affairs.
In this national and broad research, all the factors effective in the women entrepreneurship were taken into consideration. Having reviewed the literature on educated women entrepreneur population, a list of relevant and influential socio-cultural factors was gained. For the purpose of identifying influential socio-cultural factors on educated women entrepreneur, a questionnaire was designed and corrected by the experts and a pretest. This article presents a part of the results about socio cultural factors. The results point out that among socio cultural factors including positive attitude of others toward woman entrepreneur, social values and beliefs, existence of role models, the balance of work and family life, training and environmental motives, according to binominal test, only positive attitude, of others toward woman entrepreneur encourage women entrepreneurs to start the business, however other factors have no significant influence.