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A Review of Gender-Role Theories
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  "Gender role" is one of the fundamental terms in gender-related discussions. In recent decades the social scientists and in particular the feminists have investigated the formation of gender roles and as a result, several theories have been formed to explain this phenomenon. Having reviewed a set of ...  Read More

The Role of Women in Muslim Countries’ Development
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  Globally, today particularly in the developing countries, much attention is paid to how to achieve the goals of all-out development, that is sustainable and human development. This paper proposes the question that what role does women’s increased participation play in attaining sustainable development ...  Read More

Gender in Iranian Cinema
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  Sociological analysis of gender relations in films has always been important to sociologists due to monitoring social relations and structures. In this research, the researcher tries to investigate quality of gender relations in Iranian films after the revolution. The fundamental question of the research ...  Read More

Iranian Women Entrepreneurs:The Effective Socio Cultural Structures of Business Start-up
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  In Iran, entrepreneurship is a new phenomena and the research in this subject especially on women entrepreneurship is very limited. In spite of the fact that most of the Iranian women cooperate in economic, social aspects and especially in higher education, the society is not rewarding their contribution ...  Read More

The Relationship between Self-Concept and Mental Health in East and West
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  Different cultural assumptions of “selfhood” in East and West cultures provide the individuated self-concept in West and collective self-concept in East, which in turn influence how individuals judge their well-being and mental health. While discussing how culture influences formation of self-concept, ...  Read More

Inter-Generation Woman’s Social Mobility in Tehran
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  The study of social mobility is part of urban studies. Iranian sociological investigations do not reflect much about the problem of women’s social mobility; while understanding the dynamics of women’s mobility and its extent can help in planning and policy-making within the framework of social studies. ...  Read More

Domestic Violence on Women in Tehran: The Role of Gender SocializationT Resources Available for Women and Family Relationships
Volume 4, Issue 14 , September 2006

  The research conducted on “domestic violence on women” have paid little attention to the fact that this phenomenon is resulted from the disruption in healthy social and family relationships as well as lack of available valuable resources for women. Therefore, this study attempts not only to contemplate ...  Read More