On discussion about managerial ability of women outside home, social scientists refer to the wide range of women in labor force on one hand and to the discrimination against women on the other. Although women occupation is considered as an evidence of change, but providing opportunities for them in order to fulfill their abilities is of primer significance. This requires identification and evaluation of women managerial ability. Our case study consists of 172 women working in ministry of education, Shiraz University and Shiraz medical science university who experienced managerial position. In the research, the women’s managerial ability was examined and evaluated by quantitative and qualitative method. In quantitative method, the indicators of the social communication, self –esteem, and creativity were employed. In qualitative method, women’s interpretation about the characteristics of women managerial ability, the way to obtain those characters, evaluative criteria of women managerial ability and methods of problem finding and problem solving were considered. The findings represents that although the women are enjoying almost high managerial ability but the social and organizational context is not sufficient enough for their empowerment and the change in managerial structure of organizations in the benefit of women is very slow.