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Power structure in family and social participation
Volume 4, Issue 3 , December 2006

  Social participation has a critical effect on quality of life in any society. In this paper, we try to evaluate eventual relationships between the structure of power in family and quality and quantity of social participation. The main objective is to measure the correlation between the type of socialization ...  Read More

Gender Differences in: Identity styles, Commitment, and Qquality of Friendship
Volume 4, Issue 3 , December 2006

  : The purpose of this study is to identify the gender differences in identity styles, commitment and quality of friendship. For this reason, 400 high school students from 19 educational regions in Tehran (males –females) are chosen randomly. Three scales are administrated: identity style inventory-six ...  Read More

Survey and Evaluation on Managerial Ability of Women: A Case Study Shiraz city
Volume 4, Issue 3 , December 2006

  On discussion about managerial ability of women outside home, social scientists refer to the wide range of women in labor force on one hand and to the discrimination against women on the other. Although women occupation is considered as an evidence of change, but providing opportunities for them in order ...  Read More

Indigenous Agricultural knowledge and Gender
Volume 4, Issue 3 , December 2006

  Indigenous Knowledge (IK) is important for every nation and consequently for the whole world. from scientific and cultural view point. Previously IK did not have a good status and it was in a ‘backward’ state during 19th century, but in 20th century due to bio-environmental problems caused by inopportune ...  Read More