Women’s costume constitutes factors such as design, color and pattern. By putting these factors together, specific clothing is produced in each region. This study is considers foot wears in small villages of different parts of Iran. The main goal of this research is to find the similarities between the foot wears and factors which affect them. To this aim, different women’s footwear are introduced and examined separately. The research method utilized in this study is documental analysis. The findings indicate that there’s a close relationship between the footwear and women’s living conditions. The study reveals that the type of footwear is taken into consideration in various activities such as farming, ranching and also migration. In each activity the footwear that provides the best comfort and convenience is used. The same results can be seen among women who live in similar location and climatic conditions. On the whole, such research can shed light into the culture of rural people, their type of clothing and so reveal subtle points about them.