This research was administered with the purpose of studying the moderating role of female gender schemas in relations between feminine role models, job ladder and networking opportunity with procedural justice in promotion of women teachers in Yazd, Kerman and Esfahan city. On the basis of the research aims, 280 women teachers were selected from above mentioned cities (from Esfahan 100 women teachers and from Yazd and Kerman 180 women teachers). Research questionnaires consisted of: procedural justice in promotion, feminine role models, networking, and formal job ladder (Lemons, 2003), social desirability (Strahan & Gerbasi, 1972) and gender schemas (Spence & Helmreich, 1978). Data were analyzed using Pearson’s correlation coefficient and regression analysis.
Results revealed that, when women teacher believed in the nontraditional roles (on the basis of nontraditional gender schemas), such as extensive affairs for advancement and promotion outside of the home, they interpret the existence of women teachers in managerial position and existence of clear path for women teachers to access managerial positions, as a sign of consideration of justice in decision makings.