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The Significance of Making Women the Discourse of Official Policy Making in Reza Khan Era: with Focus on the Theory of Racism

Hoseyn Kachoeiyan; Ghasem Zaeri

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 7-35

  In this study, one basic question will be answered: Why were women officially considered being the subject of policy making decisions in Reza Khan Era? The answer should be found in the particular logic of the discourse of that time which was “Archeological Nationalism”. The discourse is based on ...  Read More

Representation of Women's Employment in the Textbooks of Iranian Schools

Yaghoob Foroutan

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 39-80

  The increasing trend in women's market employment since 1950s in the world has been documented as the most important indication for 'the revolution in gender roles' (Davis 1984, Cotter et al 2001). Despite the significant capabilities of women and the substantial achievements facilitating female labor ...  Read More

Qualitative Study of Social Factors of Spousal Homicide

Maryam Ghazinezhad; Marya Abasian

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 77-110

  Spousal homicide is a personal, domestic and social problem which has mortal and morbid effects on public safety. Domestic homicide, especially spousal homicide, is typically unlike stranger murder, not a crime of sudden, unanticipated violence. Rather, these murders hide the tragic story of escalated ...  Read More

The Study of Influential Factors on Perception of procedural Justice in Job Promotion of Female Teachers

Mohsen Golparvar; Mohammad Ali Nadi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 111-133

  This research was administered with the purpose of studying the moderating role of female gender schemas in relations between feminine role models, job ladder and networking opportunity with procedural justice in promotion of women teachers in Yazd, Kerman and Esfahan city. On the basis of the research ...  Read More

Studying Problem of Poverty from the Standpoint of Rural Women and Girls (Case study: Gonbad Pirmohammad village-Ilam Province)

Mahdi Taleb; Ahmad Firouz Abadi; Sedigheh Piri

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 135-153

  Poverty, in general and women’s poverty in particular is among social problems which has been subject to be mitigated through measures. The results of statistics based studies show that poverty and injustice is more prevalent in rural areas than cities and more common among women than men. The research ...  Read More

Status and Role-Relaxed models Consumption Patterns among Students of University of Isfahan

Bahram Ranjbarian; Kazem Zabih zadeh; Mojtaba Berari

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 155-180

  Today consumption has turned to be one of the most important concepts in our modern world. Although it used to be a way to satisfy basic needs of humans in the past, it can be regarded as a social phenomenon in which individuals are trying satisfy their multiple needs. Despite the importance of women’s ...  Read More

A study on the relationship between the sexual satisfaction of women in a married life and conflicts between spouses, among married women in Shiraz

Majeed Movahed; Tahereh Azizi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , September 2011, Pages 181-206

  This study reviews the relationship between the sexual satisfaction of women and conflicts between spouses, among 400 married women in Shiraz. The survey was conducted by the random classification sampling and the data was collected through a questionnaire in the year 1388. The Askanzvny Conflict Theory ...  Read More