Today consumption has turned to be one of the most important concepts in our modern world. Although it used to be a way to satisfy basic needs of humans in the past, it can be regarded as a social phenomenon in which individuals are trying satisfy their multiple needs. Despite the importance of women’s consumption patterns there is no precise information in this regard. Thus the main purpose of this study is to investigate the parameters of status consumption and role-relaxed consumption as well as to study the effect of personal and social factors, inclination to be unique, to be impressed by others, and to notice the social comparison information on status oriented consumption and role-relaxed consumption.
This is a descriptive study conducted through a survey. The statistical population of the study is girl students of university of Isfahan. The sample size was estimated to be 369 and data gathering has been done by classified random sampling. The data gathering instrument was questionnaire. Results indicate that respondents’ consumption pattern complies with the status consumption, also personal factors (tendency to uniqueness) have positive effect on status consumption and social factors (consumers’ susceptibility to interpersonal influence and attention to social comparison information) have negative effect on role-relaxed consumption.