The present study tries to find out the role and procedure of gender attitudes in genesis of women’s body image among women under cosmetic surgery in Shiraz. Research method in this investigation has been qualitative through grounded theory. Based on purposive sampling 24 women who had the experience of cosmetic surgery during the year 2008 in Shiraz were selected for an in depth interview. To achieve the grounded theory during coding analysis, 36 concepts, 9sub categories, 3 essential categories and 1 core category named: “Women’s own body image overshadowed by implicit, preponderant, appearance oriented views of men towards women in different ways” were extracted. The results show that women’s body image is formed through their gender attitude towards themselves, men towards women and women towards men. However the attitude of women toward themselves is inspired by the attitude of men toward looks and appearance of women.
Advancements in science of beauty surgeries has had the role of facilitator in paying more attention to the body and looks and has assisted men with their appearance based view towards women.