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Gender Differences in the Level of Body Image Satisfaction

Mohammad Esmaeil Riahi

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 5-33

  The main purpose of this study is to describe gender differences in body image and to explore the influences of some socio-psychosocial factors on it. The study has been conducted via survey method and data has been collected by self-administered questionnaire. The present statistical society was all ...  Read More

Effect Forms of Capital on Women’s Collective Identity

Omid Qaderzadeh

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 35-65

  One of the main agreements among classical and contemporary sociologists is putting emphasis on the role and place of utilizing forms of capital in reconsidering identity limits and expansion of collective belongings. This article is based on conceptual framework (Jenekins and Bourdieu) and tries to ...  Read More

Role of Gender Attitudes in Formation of Women’s Body Image (A Case Study of Women Under Cosmetic Surgery in Shiraz)

Maryam Mokhtari; Halimeh enayat

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 67-87

  The present study tries to find out the role and procedure of gender attitudes in genesis of women’s body image among women under cosmetic surgery in Shiraz. Research method in this investigation has been qualitative through grounded theory. Based on purposive sampling 24 women who had the experience ...  Read More

Surplus Value of Homemaking and the Influential Factors

Shahla bagheri

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 89-109

  Women’s homemaking activities involve a variety of jobs including taking care of children and family. Despite the fact that these activities encompass economic, social and cultural values, they are not generally considered and the economic place of homemaking activities in the society has been ignored. ...  Read More

Consequences of Divorce A Systematic Review of Current Literature with an Emphasis on Gender-Related Issues (1997-2011)

Abdolhossein Kalantari; Payam Roshanfekr; Jelve Javaheri

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 111-131

  Consequences of divorce, specially the negative ones, affect different sectors of society generally and become specifically important in gender development analysis and social policy, because of their especial influence on women’s lives. This article reviews the previous studies and published literature ...  Read More

The Impact of Women's Employment on Power Structure in Eyvankey Families

Afsaneh Tavasoli; Vahideh Saeidi

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 133-149

  Throughout history “family” has undergone changes. Among the factors affecting these changes are the increasing participation of women in public areas and entering the world of employment. When women were employed and left homes it transformed the form of traditional family life and power structure ...  Read More

Educational Needs Analysis of Women Entrepreneurs in Isfahan

Ali Shaemi; Akbar Etebariyan; Marziye Kheirmand

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2012, Pages 151-180

  This investigation was performed to determine the educational needs of the entrepreneur women in the city of Isfahan, which is applicable in terms of objectives, and descriptive surveying in nature. Its statistic population is 91 entrepreneur women in Isfahan, that due to the limited population, the ...  Read More