Nowadays, adolescent girls live in such a more complex and challengeable world that considering their infinite desires and potential abilities as social, cultural, economical and geographical conditions change their needs and social inclinations become more diverse and dynamic.
This study probes into the social, cultural, and educational needs of adolescent girls studying at junior high school and high school in different provinces.
4500 female students at junior high schools and high schools from 5 province including Tehran, Esfahan, Fars, Sistan and Balochestan, and Azarbayjane Gharbi constitute the statistical sample of this research.
The results show that the most important needs at high schools are as follows: ontological security, satisfactory philosophy of life, and gender equality and equity. Girls' most important educational needs are continuing with education content and educational technology.
Also, the most important social, cultural and educational needs of girl students at junior high school are similar to that of high school students. With the exception that in social and cultural needs category the satisfactory philosophy of life and ontological security are placed in a different order.