The aim of the current research is to investigate relationship between domineering behavior of male and female teachers and rating of their performance and likeability by school managers. The sample consists of 79 school teachers and 79 school managers (including men and women). Instruments used are Wiggins(1995) Interpersonal adjective scale, Wayne & Liden (1995) teachers performance assessment, Ahvaz distortion inventory (1377) and domineering inventory by Bolino & Turnely (1999). Simple randomization is utilized for sampling method. Findings suggest domineering behavior brings acceptance for men while such behavior reduces women’s likability and acceptance. Similar results hold for performance appraisal (p<0.05).
There is significant relation between interaction of teacher’s gender and domineering behavior(regression B for men is positive, for women it is negative.
These findings confirm interaction of behavior and gender model. Findings are also discussed according to other theoretical models.