Most women need fundamental support to function in their humane life. In terms of gender, in Iran there are regional differentiations with regards to accessing benefits of development. The purpose of this paper is to describe the human development and development index in different regions and to study the relationship/ regression between levels of development and human poverty index on the basis of individual's deprivation in society in terms of three important indicators of human life such as life expectancy, knowledge and education and welfare. Study of gender differentiation in access to development's benefits is the main object of this article. In this paper sociological terms are adopted including Global system and women's empowerment theories and capability, inequality and social rejection approaches. The results conform to other early researches and approaches that show meaningful regression. The development indexes have a determining effect on changes and prediction of poverty and deprivation indexes. The absence of gender sensitive approach in planning for reducing the poverty and deprivation will increase the gender gap in the country.