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An Analysis of Prophet Mohammad's (As) Cultural Politics and Its Effect on Women's Socio-cultural Status
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  Cultural politics regarding status of women is a common issue of Iranian society. Influenced by Prophet Mohammad's teachings in the Arab world, women's status changed rapidly and soon they gained a different social-cultural position in their society. This article, based on the reasoning of discourse ...  Read More

Permission of a Parent in the Marriage of an Adolescent and Mentally Mature Maiden Girl
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  Permission along other unilateral legal acts has a specific place in religious jurisprudence and consequently in civil law, thus it is used in different juristic and legal discussions. Considering the significant role of permission in legal and social relationships of individuals, the issue of marriage ...  Read More

Development and the Human Poverty Index (Gender-Related Indices)
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  Most women need fundamental support to function in their humane life. In terms of gender, in Iran there are regional differentiations with regards to accessing benefits of development. The purpose of this paper is to describe the human development and development index in different regions and to study ...  Read More

Critique of Feminist Ethics;
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  Feminist Ethics is a new and important branch of western ethics. This article is an attempt to examine one of the essential issues in this area; i. e. the necessities of feminist ethics. The paper has taken it for granted that: 1. it is necessary to criticize feminist ethics, 2.without considering ...  Read More

Sociology of Body and Theoretical Arguments
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  There have been a lot of arguments about body in pre-modern literature in different disciplines such as Christian religious and theological debates. Such debates argue that body is considered as a negative element with the potentiality of committing sin and preventing the elevation of spirit. These ...  Read More

A Comparative Analysis of Family Relationships in Monogamous and Polygamous Families
Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2009

  There is a significant difference between monogamous family and polygamous one, thus different family relationships are observed in each one. Whenever deep changes are found in the shape of family, style of residence, number of members in family in terms of their role and status, the content and degree ...  Read More