Induced abortion is one of the problems to which some women resort for different reasons including family planning, to hide their illegal relations, avoid unwanted pregnancy, rape, etc. Physical and psychological aftermaths of abortion on women who experience it as well as cultural and social conditions of abortion show the importance of paying attention to the problem. This research aims to study the social factors affecting pregnant women’s attitude to induced abortion. The research was performed through survey method and statistical population was all women at the fertility age in Tehran in the year 2006. Sample size was calculated according to formula: 300 people and quota sampling was used. The results of multivariate regression analysis show that variables like religiosity, the attitude of the family and relatives towards abortion, and the social class involve 26 percent of variance related to the attitude of the women towards abortion. Fading faith and piety among women, according to the results, has a direct relationship with increased positive attitude towards abortion. Other variables such as age, education, and occupational status are not related to do women’s attitude towards having abortions.