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1 Political Science, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Political Science, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.


From the middle of the twentieth century; Due to the pervasiveness of the process of globalization & democratic political culture, the majority of people & women were able to participate effectively in politics and enter politics. Especially since the 21st century; the increasing presence of women in politics has been expanding as a pervasive process. In a general sense; the arenas of human life include political, economic, social and cultural fields. Considering that the most effective component of power is the political arena; It can be said: politics is the most important field of human life. Because political power has the final role of determining, controlling, managing and making decisions. For this reason; participation in political power & attaining political positions have always been important for people. So It should be noted that the presence of women in political positions is important, especially in terms of considering women's rights at the time of legislation & policy-making and benefiting from the potential of women in the field of political management. Therefore; this descriptive-analytical study by document collection method and analysis of some statistics and analogy; tries to answer this question “Given the global trend of women in political positions, what is the status of women in political positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its facilities?”. The results show that Iran is in a bad position in terms of the global sub-index (Sub-index of political empowerment), even compared to many countries in its region!. It should be noted that in the future, due to the growing efforts of Iranian women for political participation at the level of the power elite, for example; increasing registration & application & candidacy in the elections of the Islamic Council, the elections of the Assembly Experts & the presidential elections, considering to increase the level of education of Iranian women , to increase the ranking of Iran under the global index of Educational Attainment and especially with regard to the globalization process & democratic political culture in the age of communication; the demand of Iranian women to play an effective role in political power will increase a lot. These facilities should be emphasized, for example: A history of high university education suitable for Iranian women in fields related to political management which are related to social political management & political positions, Realization of the minimum political work experience of women to achieve political positions after four decades of the stability of the Islamic Revolution, Accepting the presence of women in the field of political power by the transitioning society of Iran & The hidden potential of the ideal of the Islamic revolution is about the opposition to the instrumental view of capitalism on female gender. It is necessary to reduced the impact of obstacles to the achievement of Iranian women in political positions with some solutions, for example: political system support measures to increase the share of women in political positions & improve the international image of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Culture-Building to show the Political field with the image of female & male presence and increasing women's self-confidence.


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